Preventing pick up pain at the rental car counter

Travel, E-Commerce
Product Strategy, Experience Design, Prototyping, User Testing

CLIENT: H0twire Rental Cars


This was a great opportunity for better UX at check out to prevent a very painful problem for customers and service agents downstream at pick up.

Picking up a rental car can be frustrating, especially if a traveler doesn’t have a major credit card. Rental requirements vary between states, among agencies, and among locations of the same agency. The team identified that 35% of cancellations were customers turned away at pick up because they didn’t meet the requirements or didn’t have the correct identification.


Listen to customer service call recordings, stakeholder interview with head of Customer Experience team.


If we deliberately slow down the process of checking out with debit card and progressively reveal the restrictions, customers will self-select out or be better prepared for pick up and the cancellation rate will decrease.


Step 2: UX audit

User flows

New UX flow

In collaboration with content strategist

InVision prototype

User test to validate copy and UX

Define MVP

Build A/B test

Evaluate results

Great for the customer: reduced denial of service refunds by 55% for the duration of the test!

So-so for the business. Iterate for better conversion.